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click on checkbox

what is the easiest way to click on the first check box using a script on the attached web page
see attached
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on click of a button
  	 $('#vehicle').prop( 'checked', true )

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see a working example
When you say click are you asking

a) How to click that checkbox with script
b) When that box is clicked how to check all the other checkboxes?

If you want to target the checkbox in the first row then

$('.table-class tr:first-child td.column-id :checkbox').prop({'checked': true});

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Working sample here
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so how would I run this exactly
On page load you can determine if a checkbox is checked by simply adding checked to the input
<input type="checkbox" name="vehicle" value="Car"   checked   > 

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If you want the checkbox to be check only when an action is done then you need to use javascript to add the checked to the input
in my example the user need to click on a button then the checkbox that have the specific ID is selected.

The trigger is the click of a button , this could be anything like click on a table row, a tab ...  
I have update the example so one of the input is checked on page load
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thanks I realized that after I asked.  I am trying to use a webbrowser control in vb6 to do it.  I final got this to work with your help

WebBrowser1.Navigate2 ("javascript:document.querySelectorAll(""input"")[3].click();")
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if it is not to much trouble how would I gotten the 2nd checkbox selected?
$('.table-class tr:eq(1) td.column-id :checkbox').prop({'checked': true});

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