JSON file inside Visual Studio 2017 project - unexpected characters and double quotes

Tom Knowlton
Tom Knowlton used Ask the Experts™
For some reason, maybe due to schema or lack thereof, my JSON documents are flagged with "Unexpected character sequence in member name".

And also, the member names do not have quotes around them when I first open the document, but then either through process of saving or modifying the documents, the member names get surrounded with double-quotes.

 View: "vAnnouncements",


"View": "vAnnouncements",

I could use some help with this!

I just recently ran "Get Latest" from the TFS, so the double-quotes problem corrected as a result.  But I am still getting the "Unexpected character" thing.

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how's your json string looks like?

can you verify it at:

also, try to read the comments:
Unexpected character sequence in member name
Tom KnowltonWeb developer


Thank you.

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