redhat 4 and redhat 5 syslog clients sending UDP syslog traffic to an rsyslog server on redhat 6

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What's the best way to monitor for UDP syslog traffic coming in from a redhat 4 and redhat 5 syslog clients if it's not arriving at the syslog server. The syslog server is running on a Redhat 6 server. netstat -taulpe | grep syslog is showing that UDP is listening on all IP's on the server but I'd like to see if there is any other way apart from running  tcpdump -i <nic> port 514. Would watch lsof -a -i:514 show it?
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I prefer tshark + tcpdump will do.

Just because you see a UDP port listener... doesn't mean packets are flowing...

Tip: Do an iptables -F on both machines (sender + receiver) + retest. If syslog (well, really rsyslog is sure what's really in use) works, then this means you have a firewall problem at one end. Just restart your firewall on one machine + retest. Once you figure out where the problem resides, you can open up the correct port on the correct machine.

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