What makes Magento Development is a winner in B2B eCommerce race?

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Magento is one of the top most used e-commerce platform in the world.top brands like Nike, Ford motors, Cisco are using Magento as their e-commerce platform. so what made them choose Magento as their e-commerce operation platform?

B2B Commerce-friendly features of Magento B2B

magento eCommerce development is made simple and easy with smooth purchasing process in b2b ecommerce which is user-friendly.

Customized Pricing made easy

Every customer has their own pricing in their mind and respective budget limit in their mind. spreadsheet and wordprocessor cant fulfill the B2B marketers' expectations. magento ecommerce has a custom catalog for each individual customer's pricing which takes care throughout the checkout journey

Comprehensive Company Account Management

Magento eCommerce enables traversing the many levels of procurement layers found in enterprises. Customers can also track order statuses, punch new orders, monitor credit lines, assign buyer roles and permissions and much more using built-in self-service tools.

One-touch Bulk ordering

B2B eCommerce usually deals with bulk orders. magento has made the bulk orders and discount management efficiently.

Quick Ordering

Every second are valuable. magento quick ordering enables from already shopping list or pre-build template.

Built-in reports for quick decision making

Magento has quick build in reports for quick decision making and changes that need to be done right away, each reports are customizable which can be in chart or graphical for user friendly understandable .
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My first response, after digging many sites our of Magento holes...

"What made them choose Magento as their e-commerce operation platform?"

They didn't know any better.

If you have a serious tech staff + can tolerate a system you can't tune very well, I suppose Magento will suffice.

The big problem with Magento is extending + customizing is very kludgey, compared with WordPress.

Also, tuning Magento for traffic is difficult.

For new projects, explore other options before choosing Magento.

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