Canon ImageRunner C5250 crashed apps, had to reinstall its driver

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Canon ImageRunner C5250 with Fiery unit.
All of a sudden, the printer crashed MS Office apps on many computers and I had to remove and reinstall the printer driver.
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- When printing in Excel, Excel crashed and prompted to troubleshoot.  Word and other apps did the same thing. If printing a self-test page, Windows Explorer crashed and prompted to troubleshoot.
- To fix the problem, i removed the printer and reinstalled the driver.
- All computers were configured to print to this printer directly. A print server was not used as we found it had more problem with this printer.
- The driver was the one downloaded from the printer itself. (Go to the printer's IP, then go to Download tab)
This printer has a Fiery unit. We were told we should use the driver downloaded from the printer itself
- This happened on Monday

More More Details
- This printer has been a trouble.
At the very beginning, we used a print server (Win2K8) for this printer. People had problems with it all the time. It looked like the problem happened in the early morning for the first user who printed, usually Monday morning. To fix the problem, we asked the user to remove and re-add the printer back.
- Then we were fed up with this and took the advise from the company we leased this printer from - configured this printer directly on computers via the printer's IP address. This has seemed to give us less problems. But what happened on this past Monday was the first time that the problem affects many (maybe all) users at the same time, and the only fix was to reinstall the same driver. Rebooting the printer and the computers did not help, gotta reinstall the driver.
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And your question is????

I presume you want to know how to stop it happening. Only suggestion I can think of is downloading the driver from the Canon website rather than from the printer; this may be more up to date.

You may also need to update the firmware on the printer.
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i would contact Canon with this problem, they should be able to suggest what has to be done.
you could also negotiate another printer from the company you lease it from
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Thanks guys!
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you're welcome

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