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Using Microsoft Access (2003)
I have a form with a text box called PicFileName and an Image Control called PersonImage
The intent is that the following code will cause .jpg (picture) to appear in PersonImage, without the .jpg being embedded in the table behind this form (in order to save space)
The following code accomplishes this perfectly:

Dim strPicName As String
Dim strPicPath As String
Dim strSource As String

strPicPath = C:\Pix                 C:\Pix is the folder containing the jpg
strPicName = ABCD.jpg       ABCD.jpg is the filename of the picture

strSource = "" & strPicPath & strPicName & ""              in this case it will be C:\Pix\ABCD.jpg

If Not IsNull(Me.PicFileName) And Me.PicFileName <> "" Then
    Me.PersonImage.Picture = strSource
End If

As I said this works perfectly in all computers on my LAN, EXCEPT for ONE which returns an error 2114 saying that this code is not supported OR the jpg is too large!  I have reduced the size of the .jpg to a few K, to no avail.

ALL COMPUTERS ON THE LAN USE THE SAME OS (Win 10 Pro), AND THE SAME VERSION OF ACCESS, AND GET THEIR JPG FROM THE SAME FOLDER,  and the above process runs perfectly for the last six years!!

QUESTION: What needs to be adjusted in the one computer where this is not working?
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This can often mean a problem with the installation of Office or Windows on that machine. In some cases, you could install Access without all the necessary image filters, or those filters could become corrupt. Try repairing or reinstalling Office on that machine, and make sure Windows is update to date.

This can also be caused by a corrupt user profile, or by a faulty printer or video driver.
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I tend to agree with Scott.  I'd start by performing an Office Repair.

You should also check on the specific PC that the database compiles without any errors, just to rule out some reference issue.


I am about to de install and then re install Access 2003.  I think I do have reference issues because dome of the dlls may be corrupted.

Thanks for the help!


I did an office repair, then I de-installed Access 2003 COMLETELY (there was no other member of the 2003 suite installed).  I then re installed Access 2003.  No difference.

I then tried from from my own account, that I always keep on all Users' PCs, and it worked like a charm!!

The thing now is to create a new Account  for that user.

Question:how does that affect Outlook?  Do I need to create a new Outlook Profile as well.  Note this is Office 365 (2016) and all Email is therefore controlled by 365.

Thanks for the help.

George (Biggles).


Thanks fellows for taking the time to help me.  I took a while applying the solution, but it works now.

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