No Host is Compatible with the Virtual Machine

Brian B
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I have a two node plus witness cluster set up in VMware 6.7. The system is currently failed over to one host due to a bad vSAN network card in the other.

While waiting for the HW vendor to ship me a new card, I had to add another VM. It worked, but when I try to power the VM on, I get:

"No host is compatible with the virtual machine."

I assume it has something to do with the failover state? Is there any way to override whatever is causing the error and get the machine started? I don't think it's a real resource issue since there is plenty of memory and CPU available, but I switch the new VM down to 1 CPU and 512MB RAM just in case and it didn't help.

This environment is not in production, but I don't want to risk the other VMs not coming back if they shut down because other still need to test them.
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I turned off high availbility and that allowed the system to power up.

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