Satellite l870 forgot Bios Password

Jason Cruse
Jason Cruse used Ask the Experts™
Toshiba Satellite L870 was loaned to a friend who put a bios password on it and forgot it.. trying to find a way around or to jump it on the board but cannot find it out. Help.
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

It is not possible to clear BIOS passwords in the field on Toshiba products.  There are three options.

1.  Buy a replacement motherboard and swap it into the unit.
2.  Send the unit off to a non-Toshiba specialist company to have the password chip replaced.
3.  Send it to a Toshiba Authorized Service Center.

See also the EE article on the topic:
Top Expert 2013

i agree - what use is a password that can be recovered or changed??
your best bet is to ask a friend to rememmber the password he put on it; or have him pay the repair

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