Modfiy scriopt to embed txt into body of email

I would like to modify the following script so that it will embed the contents of the source file in the body of the email:

The source file is at:


[code][/###PROGRAM START###
      # Invokes the Send-MailMessage function to send notification email
      $splat = @{
            From =                  ''
            To =                  Get-Content -Path ( Join-Path $PSScriptRoot 'DistList..txt')
            SmtpServer =      ''
            Subject =            $subject
            body =                  $MessageBody
            BodyAsHtml =      $true
      Send-MailMessage @splat
###PROGRAM END###code]
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Since you want to send this as html, you need to tell more, especially if you want to add to $MessageBody, and if so, what are its contents?
100questionsAuthor Commented:
The message body is only test which resembles something like this:


Number: 12345

Item 1: ABC: 789456153212, Desc: adkl;fjakl;djfklajkl;j;afss, Qty: 500, Price: $1.00
Item 2: ABC: 456456545466, Desc: jakldfjakl;jdfl;kajflkjdl;s, Qty: 400, Price: $2.00
Item 3: ABC: 125212313123, Desc: akljdfkl;ajdflkjakl;djsf;d, Qty: 300, Price: $3.00
Item 4: ABC: 456465456466, Desc: aabblblbllllalalllalalllllla, Qty: 200, Price: $4.00
Item 5: UPC: 123456545564, Desc: uiuadsfjal;fdjal;kjdfl;akj, Qty: 100, Price: $5.00
Total: $0000.00
Since there's nothing requiring html in there, do you really need BodyAsHtml?
# Invokes the Send-MailMessage function to send notification email
$splat = @{
	From =			''
	To =			Get-Content -Path (Join-Path $PSScriptRoot 'DistList..txt')
	SmtpServer =	''
	Subject =		$subject
	body =			$MessageBody + "`r`n" + ([IO.File]::ReadAllText('C:\Users\User\Desktop\File\file.txt'))
	BodyAsHtml =	$false
Send-MailMessage @splat

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100questionsAuthor Commented:
Thanks oBda, I realliy don't need BodyAsHtml..  let me try the script, many thanks,
100questionsAuthor Commented:
oBdA, thanks again, just ran the script, however it does not respect the different lines shown in the data I provided..
In the body, it should reflect a new line, when the new line appears in the raw data.
Any changes?
100questionsAuthor Commented:
It seems like Outlook was removing extra line breaks...…
Not sure how to force this in the script...…
Perhaps it's not possible..
100questionsAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
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