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How late

I am looking for a formula to determine what week range the numbers are late by eg, within one week,two weeks etc.
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The formula you need is to simply divide by 7 (=A2/7) and then decrease the decimal.   The only caveat is that it will round up to the next week only if the (hidden) decimal is .5 or higher otherwise it will round down, i.e. 17 days would be 2 weeks instead of 3.  In order to always round up to the next week you just need to use the ROUNDUP function like so:
The zero just tells the function to always round up to the next integer.
Roy CoxGroup Finance Manager

Try in B2 and copied down


This will return only whole numbers of weeks if you don't want to take into account odd days

You could try MROUND for the weeks

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That could be as simple as:


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Rob HensonFinance Analyst

MROUND will round to nearest factor rather than rounding up. Another option for rounding up is CEILING function:



gentlemen everyone was great,but i will have to do the first come first serve basis.
Thanks everyone
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Thank you.