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oaktrees used Ask the Experts™
Got a lecture on MP3.  About an hour long.

Want to cut bits of it into a loop.

Looking for super simple drag & drop audio cutting and splicing.

Audacity seems too complicated.  Need something simpler.  Only requirement is to select blocks of audio and splice them together.  No need for processing or enhancing.

What looks like an easy piece of software to do this?
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Commented: works great.

Runs on Windows, OSX, Linux.

Vast library of how to videos on YouTube.
Martin NguyenHelpDesk Technician
Distinguished Expert 2018

Hi oaktrees,
It sounds like you are looking for a very straightforward and bare bones audio editor. A couple I've come across are Ocenaudio and Free Audio Editor by DVDVideoSoft.

Hope these suggestions help,
Those are two good suggestions by Martin Nguyen.  I have also used the free version of WavePad by NCH Software: (look for the text link for the free version).
By default the interface will show you commonly used tasks and help links in a pane at the left that can be hidden.

From experience ALL audio editing software will present you by default with the jagged "Wave Form" representation of the audio content to work with.  Some products may be slightly more intuitive in layout than others, and some may have many more functions than you need for a particular project, but you still need to learn the basics no matter what application you decide to use.

They will all allow you to scroll over and select a portion of the wave form, copy it, and insert it elsewhere in the wave form.  They will all allow you to select parts of the wave form (including sections of silence) and delete them so that you can join audio sections together "seamlessly".  Even the simplest ones I have used allow you to boost or cut the amplitude of the wave to make parts louder or quieter and balance out differences.  They just use slightly different steps or names in the menu options to achieve the same goal

I agree that Audacity "seems too complicated" by virtue of the fact that the functions of some of the icons in the toolbar may not be immediately apparent, and also the fact that you have to separately install the "LAME" MP3 encoder/decoder because of licensing issues, however the functionality required for your simple project is no different from that you would be using in other apparently simpler programs, and you would be ignoring most of the toolbar buttons anyway.
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

Whenever you have an Audacity question, just search YouTube.

Once you get the hang of Audacity, the UI becomes more understandable.

It's a bit more complex + provides far more features than most audio editors.


Thanks all! :)))

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