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problem in Word 2016

i made a document with a couple of lines of tekst, and copied a picture from the ingternet to it.
i must have clicked on some thing wrong, because when i save this document , it asks for my mail adress to open that document, and i can't get rid of it.
what is going on here, and how to get things to normal again?
running windows 10, word 2016

see following pics for clarification
at save as i get this : i need to register
User generated imagein the document it showws as :  upload failed
User generated imageand i got red crosses all over my documents, and picture folders: ( i got rid of these )

User generated image
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Sam Jacobs
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There are many different options when you right-click to save an image:
User generated image
Some of those options embed a link to the image instead of the image itself.
To make sure that you copy just the image, select Save Image As ... to save the image to your local computer, then use the option to insert a picture into your document:
User generated image
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i don't need help for saving an image; read the question properly please, that all appeared when i tried to SAVE the document
Try the following:

Open the document above.
Open a new blank Word document.

Copy just the text from old to new, save new with a different name and it should be normal. Is it?
Now copy the picture from old to new and save again (same new name). Is this normal?   What happened this time?
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i cannot open the document, since i cannot save it without uploading to Microsoft upload center, which i don't want
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ok, i found the solution : it seems it was uploading to one drive, (that also stated it xwas full) so i uninstalled onedrive, and all is ok now

But   how do i accept my own post as solution????
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