needing suggestions for purchasing a preowned Android 4.1 or higher

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Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

           For troubleshooting purposes surrounding problems I am having with the setup of a Lumiman wireless light bulb, I will be needing to purchase an Android 4.1 or higher.  Seeing that I will rarely be using it, I would like for it to be something cheap and inexpensive, but, fully working.   The Android 4.1 or higher will need to support the PlusMinus app the Alexa app.  

            Thank you

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Try eBay

I see some for about $150.

Another source is Amazon as you can purchase from resellers and sometime used.
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Even Walmart has newer tablets cheaper than $150 with Android 6.0 and this is NEW pricing ($80CAD)


Hello and Good Afternoon John and David,

          I want to thank you both for your suggestions and links.  Being on a fairly tight budget, I have to go with one which matches my budget.  The recommended Android in David's submitted link will be the best fit.

          Thanks again.


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