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sell phone sites

I like to sell my moto 4g plus current phone.

any good genuine sites where i can sell my phone to get reasonable amount.

please advise
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Most popular buy and sell sites
facebook buy and sell (check for one in your area)

Some of them which you can try are as follows:

swappa, getinstacash, ebay, gazelle etc.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
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Keep in mind your definition of reasonable and the buyer's definition can be very different. Looks like you can get them for under $100 on Amazon so I wouldn't expect a USED phone to sell for more than $75.  And that may be high... $50 may be more like it... I'd say you're probably better off keeping it as a spare of donating it to charity.
Search eBay for your phone. In the search results, you can click on the left “sold” to filter to only auctions that sold,. Have a look, and you will get an idea of the average price for your phone,  

eBay probably has the biggest audience for selling stuff like old phones.