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Notification of new g-chat message

ddantes asked
Running Windows 7 Professional SP-1 32-bit, I need a way to have reliable notification when a new message arrives via Google Hangouts g-chat.  The notification needs to be visual, not auditory, because my desktop audio is muted during the time when notification is required.   If I am working on my desktop with another window in focus, the g-chat thread does not come to the foreground when there is a new message, which results in an unacceptable delay before I become aware of the message.  There is a Hangouts desktop App, but it doesn't work on 32-bit Windows.

An alternative to desktop notification would be an auditory notification on my iPhone.  I have tried installing the Hangouts App on my iPhone, but it does not deliver notifications, even though it is configured to do so.  My cellular service provider has done troubleshooting, and believes there is an issue with the Hangouts App, itself, because my iPhone delivers notifications for new text messages and new Emails, and the only notifications which are missing are from Hangouts.  If there is a third party application which would produce a desktop notification when there is a new g-chat message, or an auditory iPhone notification, that would be helpful.
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Marketing Technologist
One thing I noticed on the Hangouts help page is that the Chrome App is going away, in lieu of the Chrome Extension, and they explicitly say not to use them at the same time.

chrome app discontinued message
Are you using both of these at the same time? Have you tested using only the extension?

In any event, there are a lot of third party chat clients that support Hangouts:

Station -- https://getstation.com/
AllInOne -- https://allinone.im/
Franz -- https://meetfranz.com/
Manageyum -- https://manageyum.com/
YakYak -- https://github.com/yakyak/yakyak


Thank you.  I don't have the Chrome App installed on one of the computers where this is an issue.  I appreciate the links, and will check them out!