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Dear All,
I have a problem with a customized Windows based application which is developed in .NET.

It is a conversion application used to transliterate text in romanized format into native languages viz. Chinese, Urdu and the like; using the font Arial Unicode MS which follows the Unicode Standard. The conversion used to take place correctly until recently when we changed our operating system from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 r2.

Interestingly, a bizzare event is happening. Suppose we want to translitereate Romanized script into two languages A and B. Using the application If we transliterate language A first then it gets converted correctly. After that language B converts incorrectly. Following it in second attempt after re-running the application if we transliterate language B first, it gets converted correctly following it with Language A, conversion gets inccorect.
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Sounds to me like a couple of things could be happening:

  • At least one of the two initial language selections is getting cached at application start and is not being changed when the user makes a new selection.
  • The collection of languages is being modified after the first selection but that modification isn't being reported back to the user controls so their values are out of sync.

Before you go down the path of thinking it is a program problem.  Did you ensure that the regional settings in 2008 matched the regional settings in 2003?  Did you also ensure that the needed language packs were installed?



Thank you for your insights @Kelvin McDaniel and @it_saige. I shall get back to you after executing as per your guidance.

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