Zebra printers stopping mid-job (5,000+ labels)

Jason Paradis
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We have 22 networked Zebra printers. 15 in house. 4 at one remote location with 3 at another. We have 3 printer servers in house and 2 at each remote location.

These are the large Zebra printers that can handle tens of thousands of labels per job. R140Xi4, 110xiIII, etc.

Since I've had this job we've had one problem with these printers that I haven't been able to fix and I'm running out of ideas.


Randomly, jobs will only print 90% of the labels sent to the printer. If there were two jobs sent at the same time, the first job will finish and the second will only get to 90%. Again, randomly. It does not happen all the time. It does appear, however, that as the amount of labels go up the chance an error will happen increases.

Sometimes the jobs will print to 90%, stop, then restart the entire job and print all labels 100% wasting the 90% that printed previously. No errors on the printer.


The only errors I have ever seen are a regular output of critical events on the print server that I was told to ignore.

"The print spooler failed to delete the file C:\Windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS\00192.SHD, error code 0x2. See the event user data for context information."

No other error messages exist.


We are using an application built in house to print these labels. However, I have consulted with the team building the application and they confirm that the jobs are created successfully and sent to the print server without issue. Even the ones that error out.


I have tried almost every type of setting imaginable. I've tried spooling and printing directly to printer. I have not tried LPR printing yet.


Why do these jobs stop near the end. Why do some jobs stop then restart?
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I just figured this out after posting.

Apparently, people have been shutting down/restarting after sending very large print jobs and because labels take so long to print the jobs are stopping right as they restart/shut down.

I'm going to take away restarting/shutting down/signing out from most users and it will hopefully fix this problem.

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