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trying to move, relocate an IP420 shoretel phone from one site to another

We have a shoretel system that is not under warranty support anymore that we have been asked to do some hopefully minimal support on as part of our day-to-day IT support for a client.

the client has 4 different locations with shoretel IP420/IP480 phones.
I am trying to move a phone from one site to another.....and I can not get the phone to show up in the list of available phones at the new site.
the phone has a static IP on the proper LAN - no VLAN.....i went over the phone menu settings with a working phone to make sure all the settings are correct on the phone.
the phone tries to download a configuration from the server - but says it failed downloading

what am I missing?  maybe licensing?
are there log files on the server side I can look at to see what failed?

as always - any help appreciated!
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Is the provisioning server expecting a particular IP/MAC address combination? If the phone has moved to a different site then its LAN IP is probably different to the one it had at the previous site.


yes. i reset the phone and set it up on the new LAN with a proper static IP
There will be logs in the phone which should shed more light on why the provisioning fails. Run a SIP trace while the phone is starting up and see what errors are recorded.
i forget what the resolution was - but we did resolve it - and we also changed to an HPBX environment

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