Unable to Purchase 'Find & Replace' for Access from Rick Fisher.

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I've been using Rick Fisher's Find & Replace for MS Access for many years. Another developer is trying to purchase the software, but is getting no response from  Rick Fisher. Does anyone know if he's still selling it? http://www.rickworld.com/index.html
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No idea if he is still selling / supporting that product, seems like other folks had trouble too, and this was a number of years ago:

You may try giving the phone number mentioned here a call and see what you get:

And it appears some people have found Total Search useful for similar activities, which is freeware and seems more active.

Sorry, that's about all the help I can be.

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+1 for what Bill said. We get regular comments like this on several newsgroups. Time to find an alternative solution.


Thanks for your mention of V-Tools, Bill. In reviewing the utilities in V-Tools, some of them appear to be quite useful, and I'm about to check them out (the price is right, after all). Scott, you're right about finding an alternative solution, although since I have a registered copy of Find &  Replace, I'll probably continue using it.
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You'll find http://www.devhut.net/2017/03/31/great-access-tools-find-and-replace/ informative on this specific subject.

I, myself, tried for months to purchase a license and never managed to get in touch with him.  Some fellow MVPs, that knew him, reached out and never heard back either.  It is too bad, as his tool was highly recommended.  Thankfully there are alternatives.

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