How to get a server’s machine SID

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What is the WMIC command to get the Server/machine SID, not the domain SID?

I keep reading how to get useracoount SID or using Powershell.

What I require is using WMIC command only.
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dsquery * -Filter "(name=MyComputer)" -attr objectSID


dsquery computer -name "MyComputer" | dsget computer -SID

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You query for the local user account SID ending with -500 (default administrator), and get rid of the -500; that's the local computer SID.
Plain wmic query returning the local Administrator's SID:
wmic.exe useraccount WHERE "(Sid LIKE '%%-500') AND (Domain='%ComputerName%')" GET Sid /value

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Batch script returning the computer's SID:
@echo off
for /f "delims=" %%a in ('wmic.exe useraccount WHERE "(Sid LIKE '%%-500') AND (Domain='%ComputerName%')" GET Sid /value') do (for /f "delims=" %%b in ("%%a") do set %%b)
set ComputerSid=%SID:~0,-4%
echo %ComputerSid%

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You may find the freeware tool WMI Explorer useful :

It has examples of WMI lookups VBScript, Powershell
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Note: oBdA's comment is correct, as long as you are running it on the machine to check. For remote execution, we would need significantly more effort, but that is probably out of scope of this question.

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