how to embed Excel & other objects within a PDF (ie objects/icons can still launch when Word is converted to Pdf)

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We have Excel & Desktop objects embedded into a Word doc
which by clicking on the objects' icons, will launch Excel/objects
but when the Word doc is printed/converted to PDF (using
Adobe PDF printer or CutePdf writer), these objects became
images in the converted PDF.

Is there a way to embed these Excel objects in the PDF such
that we can still open/launch the Excel from within the PDF?

Free tools will be appreiciated.
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Ardhendu SarangiSr. Project Manager
You cannot use the free Acrobat Reader to embed word and excel documents into PDF. Do you have Adobe Acrobat full version?

There are a few tools other than Adobe which will help you to embed word and excel documents but if your PDF features multiple pages, it may not render perfectly. I would not recommend them. You can try PDFescape or PDFill at your own risk.
Finance Analyst
If your word document can be amended to include a text hyperlink as well as the image, the hyperlink should still work when converted to PDF.

Alternatively, depending on which version of Word you have, rather than printing to PDF have you tried exporting to PDF?

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