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How to compose HTML to get access token

Please see attached.

I have some idea of what they want me to do, but I am not clear on what the html looks like. I'm guessing a form.

Can someone show me what the HTML looks like?


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Julian Hansen
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The API is explained here

What you need to do is construct a POST request to
You will need to set the header of the request to include an Authorization: basic header with your security token

Authorization: Basic <token>

Where token is made up of the base64 encoded result of your consumer key and consumer secret concatenated to each other.

You then send as the body of the request the url encoded grant_type, username and password values

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This would typically be done from a server side process (PHP CUrl for example).

If all checks out you should get back a JSON response which contains a property access_token the value of which must be used in all other API calls - it is a temporary access token - if it expires you need to repeat the above process to refresh it.
As Julian mentioned, likely what's tripping you up is you're thinking about this in terms of client side HTML, rather than a server site POST request.

What you'll do is...

1) Craft a POST request to your API Endpoint.

2) Get back a token.

3) Craft additional POST requests using the token, to acquire additional information.
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I tried a cut at it, as I expected, it failed, I got this:

Fatal error: Call to a member function xpath() on boolean in /home/lakoshva/public_html/get_XPO_access.php on line 23

I will email you the code as it has password, etc. in it. The function xpath DID work in a prior version, NOT being defined in the php program referencing it. How, I have no clue, I understand the error.

David Favor,

Thank you. I was referring to Julian about the email of the code.


I can email to you too, I don't want to post it on the open EE exchange, I will need your email.

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Julian Hansen
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