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Not able create green checkbox in html

Hi Experts,

      I am not able to create Green checkbox.  Please the below image you can see the html code and css and gui(how it looks).  I am not able create Green checkbox

the html code I have is

input.green-check:checked {

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react js code

           (<div className="checkbox checkbox-success">
                              <input type="checkbox" className="green-check" value={j.value} checked={j.selected} key={j.value}  onClick=
                            {(e) => this.props.actions.updateFacet(i.key,j.value,true,false)}
                           <label>{` ${label}${count}`} </label>

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the check box I need is
 test.jpgPlease help me in finding a solution.

With many thanks,

Bharath AK
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