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Combine cell data based on adjacent cells?

Combine cell data based on values in adjacent cells. Sample screenshot attached.

Is there a formula or VBA that can achieve this?
It's OK to have helper columns if needed.
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Martin Liss
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If you can, please attach a sample workbook.
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Spreadsheet attached....thanks
Would it be easier if there are blank rows separating cells?

I've been trying (without success) to find a VBA code that would do following:
If AB is NOT blank, concatenate values from AD until blank row reached
Will revise and re-post....added blank rows (hopefully it will be easier for VBA code)
It's not necessary. I'll have your solution in a few minutes.
Sound like solution is coming soon :)
Hi Martin,
See attached sample, if it's easier to achieve this with blank rows, that would work too....which ever version of the file works for you.
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Martin Liss
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Hi Martin,
Thanks for this...It's huge help!
Only thing I noticed that needs a tweak is the last row with adds a bunch of semi-colons    ;;;;;;;;;;
Any way to correct that?
Never mind...I found a work-around. I'll have it delete rows after last one with info prior to running your code.
Just tested great!

Thanks again!
Sorry I didn't notice that. There was some formatting below row 91 that caused VBA to miscalculate the last row with data. That's been corrected in the attached workbook.
Thanks again...I was really stuck on this :)
You’re welcome and I’m glad I was able to help.

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