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GPO and Folder redirected

We had server 2012 r2 with folder redirection. Ms Application especially excel started hanging a bit or taking a long time to open or close documents. It was terrible when users were outside the office. I had to disabled all add-ins and others that start with the application. It improved a little bit but nothing to write home about
We upgraded to server 2016 had problems with GPOs applying properly to the computers that existed on server 2012. It affected folder redirection objects. Some users were disabled from folder redirection but it looks like they may be something (redirection related) happening in the background
How can I setup folder redirection such that when users are offline it would save to the local drive without trying to contact the file server and the GPO to run properly on the 2016?
GPRESULT shows that all the GPOs have been applied. Checking the registry also shows the policies have been applied but they are not working as expected.

Kindly help
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