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Push Reg settings GPO

How do you push registry keys & settings using GPO?  I'm looking in Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Registry
Is correct?  Only option is "Add Key" the opens select registry key, but this looks like it's searching the server's registry.  Do i need to add the keys to the servers registry first?
Running Server 2016.
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Okay so i followed the instruction on the site you provided.  Was able to complete the following steps:

Open the Group Policy Management panel and create a new Group Policy Object
Give it a name
Go to the Settings tab. Right-click on Computer Configuration or User Configuration and select Edit

"You can deploy the Registry Key on per-computer or per-user basis. We chose a per-computer model. Select New Registry Item from the drop down menu:" --->> I've got no drop down, just option to add key same as before.
It looks like they are performing this task on XP / Server 2003?  Assume it's the same procedure?
"It looks like they are performing this task on XP / Server 2003? " - no, the screens are taken on server 2012/win8, but it's the same on all current OS'. You are still at the wrong path, you need to go into the preferences section as shown in the screenshots.
Great! Thanks for the help it worked like.