Disk Cloning using Macrium Reflect fails - PC still looking for old hard disk in BIOS

I cloned a Windows 10 hard disk using Macrium Reflect.  The clone seemed to be correct, partition for partition.  

Boot-up failed,  The computer (a 4 year old Gateway small form-factor, can't recall the model number) reported that there was no boot device.  

In the BIOS, the 1st boot device is still showing the model number of the *old* hard disk, not the new hard disk (the old was a 500GB Seagate, the new is a 1TB Western Digital Scorpio Blue).

I can't find anywhere in the BIOS where I can change the model of drive, or get it to somehow re-detect the drive in order to change the hard disk model it's detecting.

Can anyone advise?

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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
There is usually an option labeled something like "Boot sequence", and there it is possible to move devices up and down the priority list ... not always obviously; sometimes with +- keys, sometimes with arrow keys.

If you can take a snapshot of the main BIOS screen and the BIOS screen showing the disk drives installed we can get a better idea of what the situation might be.
remove the bios battery and ac cable for 20 sec, then reinstall
does the bios show the new drive?
if not, test the drive on another PC - it can be bad
also  - can you test with another 500 Gb drive?
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