What can I check to clean up the unwanted SMB:// share folder????

Gordon Tin
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Mac Air

Originally, I have 2 connections to smb://server/folder1 and smb://server/folder2.
which would connect when I logon. The settings are in SYSTEM PREFERENCE > USERS AND GROUP > LOGIN ITEMS

Recently, I noticed that I have 2 of the sharing folder1 on. the desktop of MAC AIR after I updated to "MOJAVE"
I undo all my share folders setting but there is still one smb://server/folder1 is still there.

It is a map drive from no where!
What can I check to clean it up????
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Where are you seeing it?  In the sidebar?  Can you unmount the share?  Does it have an icon to eject?

Open Terminal.app and run the following commands
df -h

Do you see it in the list of either command?  If you do, try forcing an unmount.
hdiutil unmount /Volumes/folder1

Check the standard mount point in /Volumes/.  Is there a folder listed.
ls -l /Volumes/
Is there a folder there, even when the mount or df commands don't show it?  If there is, then
rmdir /Volumes/folder1

Turn off the computer and reset the SMC, then reset the PRAM when you start.

Reset SMC.
  • Turn off power.
  • Plug in power cord.
  • Press and hold left
  • shift control option
  • keys, then press and hold the power button.
  • Release.
Reset PRAM.
  • Turn on computer.
  • Press and hold
  • option command p r
  • .
  • Keep holding until you hear 3 chimes (or, on newer macs that no longer chime, until the apple logo appears 3 times or the screen flickers 3 times)

These are a start.  Maybe show screen shots if these don't help.

I’m wondering if you are just seeing a shortcut?  Are you sure what you are seeing is actually the shared folder?  

Serialband above said all the things I would have suggested. Please report back if all that unsuccessful.

A screen shot might help if unsuccessful.
Gordon TinIT Manager


Dear Owen & serial band

It is a mount point to a server. (See Mount Point)
I followed serial band's steps but I still getting nowhere. the mount point still come up.

The issue is where is the mounting instruction????????
I don't see it.
1. Not in Users & Group
2. Not in Find > Go > connect to server
3. Not the automator
4. fstab is not available for Mac anymore

Any idea?????
/etc/fstab is still available.  You may not have a current one.

You have something on /Volumes/HRADMIN/.  That means something is mounting it.  Is this the folder? Have you tried forcing the unmount?
hdiutil unmount /Volumes/HRADMIN

Also, please show the mount in your Finder window.
Gordon TinIT Manager



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