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Task Scheduler will not run Batch files for server reboot.

Task Scheduler has stopped running custom reboot batch files. We've got two of them were the first is scheduled to run every Monday morning. The other is set when we need to run a reboot out of hours for that night.

It has in the past run, but we have discovered it has stopped.

It running on Windows Small Business Server 2011

We've created a test batch file that opens a cmd window that says test and awaits for someone to press a button to continue but that doesn't appear when using task Scheduler.

Any help is appreciated
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ste5anSenior Developer

Check whether the batch files are on a local, accessible drive. Add some logging the batch files.

btw, what does "stopped running" mean? What error/return codes do you get (see in the Task Scheduler)?


They are located on the c: drive of the server and the server and the user account that runs the batch file has Full R/W Permissions. The batch file doesn't even start to run.

The used to run okay, now they don't run. Then we noticed that they Were getting error codes in Task Scheduler (0x1) and (0x41301) The task is not running, nor is the batch file.
ste5anSenior Developer

You need to take a closer look at what you're trying to do here. Cause your status code means

The task is currently running.
thanks for your answer, we have found a why around the problem by running the command line that is in the batch file directly from Task Scheduler.