update query string date into date field vba access

Hi, I'm trying to get an update query to work!  I have 2 tables with the destination table that has a date field (datetime)   (on an MSSQL server) and  the sourse is an Excel file I linked to in Access.

In my Query:

Field: Start_date
Table:  Monthly_rep
Update To: [Excel_rep].[start_date2]

the update To:  I tried to put in CAST , CONVERT  etc keep getting error!  

CAST([Excel_rep].[start_date2] as DATE)
CAST([Excel_rep].[start_date2] as DATETIME)



Peter GrovesAsked:
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Peter GrovesAuthor Commented:
Forgot to mention that the source file has a mix of string and numeric dates!

Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
You should clean that up first.

TrueDate: DateValue([LinkedDateField])

Open in new window

Then use ODBC and link the table from SQL Server, and you can create a normal update query using Access SQL.
Peter GrovesAuthor Commented:
The problem I have is that the source field contains numeric and text date info . One field may have  2017-08-19 the next has 40226 .
The SQL table I need to update is of the datetime type. I think I'll have to do it manually by openrecordset  if field_S is numeric then field_D
= CDATE(Field_S) movenext and so on!  or something of that nature!

Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
No, just create a query using the linked table as source. Convert your date field like:

TrueDate: CDate([Field_S])

Open in new window

and it will return your dates:


When the query runs as expected, create a new query that uses the first query as source and appends to your link table in SQL Server.
Peter GrovesAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay as I bypassed the problem TEMPORARILY,  but I'll finish working on the permanent solution later this week!

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