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Using Outlook 365 on a Windows 10 PC

I have Outlook connected to my Yahoo email account successfully.  The problem I have involves an alias I have on the Yahoo account.  There are times when I want an email sent from me to be from the alias.

How can that be setup in Outlook?

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Outlook will send as the email address of the account that its connected to. If you want to use an alias address, you will have to make that the primary address and then outlook will use it, so if you have a primary and an alias on the same mailbox outlook will use the primary address. You could setup the alias on a separate mailbox and send that way but I don't know much about how yahoo works with different emails, but outlook will use the account that is set at the primary.


I wanted to avoid setting up a different mailbox for the alias.  That would be an unnecessary complication to deal with (that is if it's not necessary).

I will stand by and see if anyone else has another solution.
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Ok, sounds good.

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