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automating record copy from database to Excel


I have a client who has migrated from one case management system to another.  The new software developers have converted the various databases across with the exception of one.  For whatever reason they can't do it. I have contacted the old system developers and they can't even export the data.  We have collectively tried everything.

I've been looking at a few possible ways to export the data, one of which is Ui Path Studio.  It basically can record your keystrokes, mouse clicks and field selections (amongst other very advanced features) but it didn't do what I needed (or I didn't know how to use it).  Its a bit like a word macro builder.

Does anyone know of something similar I could try? I'm trying to automate the process of opening a record, copying the 5 fields into a spreadsheet, moving to the next record and repeating.

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AutoIt could be the tool for this.

But what database is it that is so locked down? Some proprietary format?
Your question title says I be thing but your question has another seemingly conflicting.

The difficulty with any export is the timeframe of changes and having to be represented.

It seems on your original package was a custom setup versus publicly available package?

Depending on the scenario it seems as though you are looking for a process that continuously looking at the source for changes that updates ......

But with that said it is likely I am injecting, extrapolating based on what I think the design is versus what it might actually be.

Given your description is rather vague.

You could as part of the excel pull data, the consideration is that if the data is large it would take time to refresh......
Wow, ghastly problem.  If you have access to anything with OCR, you could take screenshots of multiple rows of data and feed them to your OCR tool, although I'm not sure how easy it would be to consolidate that back into database format.
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