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Windows 10 won't upgrade beyond 1703 - looking for very precise information where failure point is occurring

Windows 10 Upgrade attempt - from v 1703 to any later version. The machine in question is a Dell Inspiron laptop.

The upgrade process fails each time. It is failing during what is commonly caused 'Phase 2', where a certain percentage is reached, then proceeds no further. McAfee AV has been uninstalled - which made no difference.

My very specific question - is there any log or precise information available that details where in the upgrade process the failure is occurring ? E.g. with a specific driver, setting, software, or configuration ?

Please note: I have already extensively researched on the Internet and read through dozens of suggestions as to how to make the upgrade work. What I'm looking for is some precise information in order to determine exactly where the upgrade is failing, so that I can then pursue the appropriate remedies.


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