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any good android or iphone with 256 gb internal memory and good ram around 350$ budget in usa market? looking for unlocked phone without any contract obligations

Please advise
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Xiaomi phones are reliable.
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Brandon LyonWeb Developer/Designer
Before anyone recommends a phone they should be asking you what carrier you use. That will determine what technology (GSM vs CDMA) and what frequencies the phone needs to use to best utilize your network provider.


i am with sprint


is having latest and greatest configuration right?
Jackie Man IT Manager
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According to the frequency check website, it said you need Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Standard Edition Global Dual SIM TD-LTE 256G.

But it is not yet available for purchase for the time being.

However, even if you can buy it, you need Sprint to activate it to be used on their network as Xiaomi is not offered by Sprint at all in their shop and hence it is unlikely that they will allow you to use it.

The only feasible option to to buy a Samsung Note 9 512GB and it shall exceed your expectation, requirement and budget also.

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