one drive. - directory name is invalid- file is open in another program

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Hi Guys,
I got sharepoint in office365.
got multiple folders in a site.
users got one drive client and everything syncs to it.
all folders works fine. except one folder. whenever i try to open a file from that folder it keeps on saying. the "file is open in another program" or the "directory name is invalid". but it works fine when i open in webbrowser. and its the same problem for all users. so its not a local computer issue.

I also tried syncing to a new computer and still same issue with that particular folder.
things i have tried.
1.synched to new computer- same issue
2 tried resynching. reinstalled one drive. re synched same issue
3. tried renaming the folder in the cloud console and tried resynching- same issue.

not sure what else to do. any ideas would be great.
please have a look for the error messages.
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Shreedhar EtteTechnical Manager
Top Expert 2010

Folder in question does not have any of the below:

These names aren't allowed for files or folders: .lock, CON, PRN, AUX, NUL, COM1 - COM9, LPT1 - LPT9, _vti_, desktop.ini, any filename starting with ~$.


"_vti_" cannot appear anywhere in a file name

"forms" isn't supported when the folder is at the root level for a library.

You can’t create a folder name in SharePoint Online that begins with a tilde (~).
Shreedhar EtteTechnical Manager
Top Expert 2010

Please share the screenshot of the folder path and name. Also error you are getting.
hi guys,

sorry about the delay. but i found the problem and fixed it. no issues for few days now.
its just the length of the folder path. there were many subfolders/child folders. i guess microsoft would have updated the security policy on one drive, thats why i had issues suddenly.
but now after reducing the child folders, it started working.

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