WSUS attempts to write to incorrect path

I have an issue with only some updates trying to download to E:\WSUS\WsusContent\WsusContent. The SoftwareDistribution.log says that there is an error creating sub-directories in this path.

The actual path to the content directory is E:\WSUS\WsusContent   *NOT*  E:\WSUS\WsusContent\WsusContent.  All other updates are writing to the correct path.

It's not clear to me where I can "tell" WSUS that it needs to write the updates in question to the correct path or why it's even doing this in the first place.

For grins, I thought I'd run wsusutil.exe and point to E:\WSUS\WsusContent, however, the log file generated indicates that "The new content file location is the same as the old location: E:\WSUS\WsusContent.

Any suggestions?
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Hayes JupeIT DirectorCommented:
it sounds as if the service account doesn't have permissions to create the subfolder... even though you are right - it shouldn't even be trying to create the sub-folder... my suggestion would be to check permissions - let it create the folder if it really wants! (the service account, which is generally "network service" needs permissions)

You could always create this additional subfolder manually, re-run the sync - and see if its fine then.

it wont tell you why its being weird - but, do you really care? or do you just want it to work?

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SnAkEhIpSAuthor Commented:
Your last comment really answers the question. The folder has had the Network Service principal with Full Control on the ACL. A co-worker discovered some other anomalies and it's still in the same state. We collocated WSUS with PDQ on the same server and I'm not interested in jacking up PDQ, so as you say, I really don't care and just want it to work. We've decided to move WSUS to it's own individual server instance in the datacenter. On a side note, PDQ can deploy Windows Updates as well and I've configured it download them, but not deploy them. In a pinch, I can flip the switch and let it. Probably best just to start with a fresh WSUS install, no more trouble than it is anyway. Thanks for chiming in my friend. I appreciate the response.
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