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Access crash with error "Your network access was interrupted"

We use a back end / front end Access 2016 database.  The frontend contains the forms, whereas the backend stores all of the data.  This has been working well for the past 8 months.  Two weeks ago, we upgraded from a Windows 8 file server to a Windows 2016 domain environment.  All 10 workstations were added to the domain, along with 15 new user accounts.  All of the files were successfully migrated to the new server using robocopy.  We also implemented a GPO to enable Folder redirection for the users' Desktop, Document, Favorites, Photos, Music and Videos.  We also have a GPO to map network drives.

Since the move, users are receiving the following error about once an hour when using the FrontEnd, "Your network access was interrupted".  We applied the following changes to try and rectify the issue, but nothing appears to help:
  • Turned off NIC Teaming on the server
  • Copied the database to the local C Drive on each workstation (instead of the user's desktop, which resides on the server)
  • Updated the Frontend so that it uses \\UNC instead of the Mapped drive

None of the networking hardware has changed.  All workstations are connected via RJ45 to a Netgear JGS524NA switch, and a Fortigate 60E router.  We have had no other network related complaints other than a few random instances where the office chat software could not connect to the office shat server (external server).  There have been no reports about access the share folder on the server, or email connectivity.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
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