SQL 2016 Replication Error Recovery

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SQL Server 2016 Replication: in Replication Monitor one of my publications is in error status. I want to be *sure* not to reinitialize the subscription, I just want replication to start up where it left off.

Using Replication Monitor, if I right click on the publication that's in error and choose "start synchronizing," will replication simply pick up where it left off, or is there more that I need to know?
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The answer to my question above is that the "start synchronizing" command wakes up the distribution agent and starts checking the distribution database for changes, then applying them to the subscriber.

One way you can see this command working is that it will restart the SQL Agent job associated with the publication that you restarted (under the REPL-Distribution category).

In my case, I was seeing an error in Replication Monitor and the REPL-Distribution SQL Agent job showed as failed. Once I issued the "start synchronizing" command, both errors cleared and I was back in business.

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