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Error: Bad start tag in p in head.

Hi, on my site magickitchen.com, when I validate a page on https://validator.w3.org I get (amongst other errors):
Error: Bad start tag in p in head.

From line 19, column 17; to line 19, column 47

<noscript><p class="bg-warning noscript">↩    

It's because I have a paragraph tag inside a noscript tag in the head area.

Then, because of that error, it cascades, won't see the end head tag, etc.

What would be a better way to do this noscript tag, so that it doesn't give me that error?

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Melody Scott

8/22/2022 - Mon
David Favor

No way to guess without a link to your site.

Provide the full URL you passed to the validator + likely someone can assist you.
Melody Scott

I never understand why people don't understand that magickitchen.com is the site. Add an https:// to it.

Or just copy magickitchen.com into the address bar. I don't like adding a link, or the next time I search google, experts-exchange comes up.
Dr. Klahn

I don't like adding a link, or the next time I search google, experts-exchange comes up.

With all due respect, unless we see the actual URL that is causing the problem, we are just speculating on indirect evidence.  

But, aside from that, another incoming link to your site will only raise your search engine rating.  Incoming links from well-linked and respected sites are a large part of how search engines rate your site.
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.
Melody Scott

I don't understand how magickitchen.com is not a URL. You are all experts, you know that if you copy that and paste it into a web browser address bar, a site will come up.

What am I missing? It ends with a dot com, it's a url.
Melody Scott

But since you seem hell-bent on me adding the link, here it is: https://www.magickitchen.com.
Melody Scott

Sorry, that sounded way too cranky. I just really don't understand, though, why it is that  you wouldn't just copy and paste that dot com into a browser. Apologies for the tone.
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Dr. Klahn

What am I missing? It ends with a dot com, it's a url.

Um, ... heh ... I dislike to add fuel to a fire, but that's not correct.  A naked domain name is not a URL.


Every HTTP URL conforms to the syntax of a generic URI. The URI generic syntax consists of a hierarchical sequence of five components:[14]

URI = scheme:[//authority]path[?query][#fragment]

where the authority component divides into three subcomponents:

authority = [userinfo@]host[:port]

For HTTP, all URLs begin with "https://" (secure) or "http://" (insecure).  There are many other types of URLs for other protocols, e.g., ftp:// but HTTP URLs are the most commonly seen.

So in fact, no, a naked domain name is not a URL.  A browser will try to convert a naked domain name to a URL that (if there is a web server at the site referred to by that domain name) the server will accept, and if it is successful, the naked domain name in the address bar should then be replaced by the actual URL.

And that is why we need actual URLs.  The problem might not be occurring on the server at that domain name, it might not be occurring on secure URLs (or insecure URLs), the server might have a different address (domainname.com and www.domainname.com are usually different sites), the server might not rewrite an incoming naked URI to something useful, and the problem might not be occurring on all URLs on that site.

The more information you give us, the better we can help.
Melody Scott

ok, thanks for the explanation. Please see url above.
David Favor

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Melody Scott

Ah, didn't realize I could just move it into the body, thanks!

Sorry for my crankiness, I'm having a day.
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