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how to qualify for 'No co-mingling of tenants data' in cloud

By "no co-mingling of tenants data", what are the things we look out
for in a cloud and a cloud service provider (CSP)?

a) encryption of database or the VM sits in an encrypted storage?
b) tenants' VMs can't reach each other, ie there' s microsegmentation
    or sort of 'virtual firewall' that blocks a tenant's VM from reaching
    to or being reached by another tenant's VM?
c) backups are encrypted?
d) CSP is certified ISO 27017/018 or PCI-DSS or ?
e) or the CSP has to be on private or hybrid cloud?
f)  or the CSP can offer a dedicated hypervisor to a tenant
    or a 'special storage' to ensure
   ... pls correct me or add on ...

Does AWS meet the above criteria?

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