WinZip Mac Optimizer - Backup Removal Unsuccessful Error

I have WinZip Mac Optimizer on my MacBook Pro 2012 under Yosemite (10.10.5). I have been using the product for several years. Regrettably, for some unknown reason, I keep getting an error box "Backup removal unsuccessful - The selected redo point(s) could not be deleted. Please try again." Despite selecting the "OK" box, the error message keeps repeating every few seconds. I have no way of judging how effective this product is. However, I would be grateful for any suggested resolution to this vexing problem. BTW, I cannot upgrade to a more recent Mac OS because I use Boot Camp for my Windows 7 essential applications, which cannot be used in Windows more recent operating systems. Appreciatively, Arbyem
Bruce MORRISColonel (Retired)Asked:
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You can put Windows 7 in a VM on any recent Mac.  The VMs running in a newer Mac may possibly be faster than Windows 7 in Bootcamp mode on such an old system.  Unless you have some hardware that will no longer work past Lion, a VM would likely work fine for you.

You probably need to manually clear the preferences to WinZip Mac Optimizer in the Library.  Unfortunately, I've never used something like that, since I've always cleared my own Mac manually via the command line, so I'm not sure what your preference folder structure would look like.

You could also try resetting the SMC and the PRAM.  These quick procedures sometimes fix issues in Mac software.  If those fail, you can reinstall the Mac OS using recovery mode.  This should fix any OS files that may have become corrupted.  It would take about an hour to recover the OS to a HD and about half an hour to recover to SSD.
Bruce MORRISColonel (Retired)Author Commented:
Hi serialband: Thanks for the unexpectedly comprehensive response, particularly to my challenge in upgrading from Yosemite. However, before I attempt such a challenging upgrade, I need assurances that my two vital Win 7 apps (FrontPage 2003 and Quicken XG 2006) will operate under Windows 7 in the new VM configuration (which replaces Boot Camp?).
As for my primary question relating to WinZip Mac Optimizer, I will attempt your proposed solution via clearing the preferences in the Library (the process required is strange to me, since I have never ventured into that area). But i will try, and advise of the results. Appreciatively, Arbyem
Do the resets first before you delve into the Library and Preferences issues.  You should understand what you're deleting before you attempt it.
Bruce MORRISColonel (Retired)Author Commented:
The issue appears to have resolved itself! Hence, I will no longer pursue the resolution course proposed.
I will also not pursue any change to my current MacBook Pro configuration, given that it is working acceptably well at this time.
I will close this question, with thanks. Appreciatively, Bruce

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Bruce MORRISColonel (Retired)Author Commented:
Unfortunately, the problem has recurred, and keeps repeating after each click of the OK box in the error message! Any other potential approaches to a solution?
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