Perceived SSI delay (server side include)

Melody Scott
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On I am making changes to the SSI files in order to validate.

So I remove or change a bit of code, then upload the SSI file. But I don't see the change right away.

I'll refresh the page, or try a different page, or even try adding ?54 after the address, but the change doesn't appear and the validator doesn't see it either.

But if I try again 3/4 hour later, just refresh the same page that's been up and look at source code, the change is there, and the validator sees it too.

Any thoughts on why there seems to be this SSI delay? It's Apache on red Hat Linux (RHEL6)

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Are you sure there is no Caching involved?  (either in browser, or proxy) on the client side (reverse proxy, load balancer, server) server side..., and is the SSI actualy hit, (is it logged by the server)..., did the server see & load the new SSI, is there evedence about this in log files?


Thanks, noci- I would have to ask the server guy about the logs. There may be some caching there.
If I make a change to the navigation, which are the only changes I have made before, the changes show up immediately. But not in this case. I'll ask the server guy.


Thanks- using cache-killer on chrome on works.

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