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Under control of MS Excel - how to compose rich text sentences (with mixed font features in the same sentence) and automatically copy-paste the sentences to other office applications?

The standard UserForm does not allow mixed fonts to be entered into the same Text control. Under excel vba control, I want to type simple rich text for scientific notation: superscript, subscript, italic, with SYMBOL font plus one or just a few standard fonts, like Calibri, or Tahoma, for example.
These formatting features to be applied together (in various combinations) to just a sentence or two, in each instance.

If this is possible, I'd then want to use vba automation to copy the rich text output and paste it into another office format: particularly into a shape object in MS Visio. I'm aware that mixed text can be composed in Visio shapes directly, but in my excel+visio automation piece, it would greatly help the user to compose rich text outside the visio application.

Is there a way of achieving this?

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Here's the simple solution that occurred later, if experts have different practicable solutions, then i'll give over my POINTS to you!

1. Type the mixed font text (respective characters = bold; superscript; italic; symbol; underline) into an excel cell.
2. Select Cell and copy
3. Paste onto Visio drawing page, to yield orthodox visio shape displaying the same characters and fonts. This new shape has a shapesheet, like any other shape.
4. The CHARACTER section of the shapesheet presents the font name & size; colour; style; case; and position. This can be parsed into HTML, as a portable source of the rich text created.

This is not a perfect solution as it seems not to be possible to copy text of one font name and preserve that font when it is pasted after a character of a different font.
However, this solution does help me.