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dell t619 with 6s/ir raid controller

I have a system that is running rwdhat Linux and a hard drive went bad on the raid controller.  Disk0.

When I replace the hard drive it should rebuild itself after I swap the drive correct?

I do not know the raid type.

I assume I can hot swap or should I power down.  The system is operational at the moment
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Sajid Shaik M
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first of all mention proper dell server model..

second thing is if you have idrac port on the machine then logon to server over idrac and check the Raid status .. see the document...

or else restart the server when boot .. the Raid dialog appears..on the screen Control + R to configure raid.. just press control+r the raid windows will opens.. go to virtual disk and check the physical disks on virtual disk..

it'll display all info

all the best
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