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my local cemetery section has about 150 lots that have 12 graves per lot.  i have a libreoffice calc sheet that has the names of each person.  can you easily create drawings for each lot?  i don't even know if i should use l.o. draw or if i should just make a l.o. calc sheet for each lot.  i just know their map of the area is wearing out.  i'm trying to make my computer helpful to my sister (who actually works there) is going to do it by hand.
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Speaking personally I would just create the map in Calc and then "print" as a PDF.  Graveyards are generally arranged in a nice grid, so unless there are lots that are arranged in arcs or fan shapes, the layout is amenable to using borders and shade fills in the cells of a spreadsheet.

150 lots x 12 graves on one sheet would undoubtedly be far too many for a standard piece of paper while still keeping the names and any other info for each grave large enough to read.  It would be possible to create a PDF that a commercial printer could print out on a very large piece of stiff paper to show all graves, but that might cost a fair amount of money.  You could obviously split the graveyard into sections on separate sheets in Calc for printing on multiple sheets of paper.  The alternative to saving out the spreadsheets as PDFs would be taking screenshots, saving them as JPGs, and inserting them into Writer to create a composite that could be arranged to fit each page.

The choice is really up to you, but my preference would be Calc to PDF.
Thank you dwcronin

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