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What is this really doing???

I've inherited some 10+ year old code without benefit of the original programmer... can anyone explain the usefulness of this code segment, or at least reduce to something more sensible?

                                                       Display Module Source                                                        
C  N31USERN         CABNE     *ALL' '                            3131--                                  

Thanks in advance ;)
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder)

I don't know RPG but from a quick google, looks like compare and branch:
The code is probably 20-40 years old. RPG is very column sensitive.. The last time I worked in RPG II was in 1980.
C (we will be doing a compare
N31USERN      Operand 1 variable
CABNE  - compare and branch if not equal
*ALL' '      compared to this is a literal not a variable
3131--        Tag or variable                     
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Thanks everyone! It seems I purged all this knowledge during Y2K, and frankly never used left-side indicators in conjunction with a factor variable.

I've a long uphill battle to update these programs to /Free... without the /Free of course ;)