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My hard drive states it is full last month it was not even close.  I have transfer folders and files to external drive and very little space removed.  I had this problem before and I think it had something to do with Sage 50.  My drive looked full and then everything was back to normal.  Any suggestions?


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Sage may be making local backups or have too many local temporary files.

I use Tree Size (Jam Software) for this.

Get a trial copy, install it and look at your space usage.  See if Sage or some other application is causing the space utilization.
So details of the disk please and a screen shot from Disk Admin?

The best two tools for Visualising where your storage space is being consumed are TreeSize ( https://www.jam-software.com/freeware/ ) and WinDirStat ( https://windirstat.net/ )

I have used both, they both do the job, but i prefer WinDirStat's UI
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also, post some info on the pc and disk : model plse

+ a screenshot of treesize or windirstat
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it would be nice if we got an update - how is it going ?

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