Need to disable screensaver on VM

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I have a Win 10 VM that is used for presentations.
I need to be able to turn off the screensaver so that it does not come on during a presentation.

There is a domain GPO that sets the screensaver time and locks the control.

I have tried:
Setting local Group Policy - but found out that domain GPO overrides this.
Setting registry, but I need to restart for it to apply which resets back to the original GPO.
Set Presentation Mode - but it said presentation mode does not exist for VMs.

How can I disable the screensaver, if only for the current session.
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check which GPO activates the Screensaver, then see where is it linked to in the GP manager,
Then either move that VM to another OU or create one for it, and then link other necessary GPs to that OU.
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Simply install MoveMouse if you do not want to mesh with the GPOs


The GPOs for this are set at a higher domain level. The only GPOs we have access to are in a subdomain.

I will look into MouseMove.

Are there other options?

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