Okta vs Azure license pricing comparison

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Does anyone know the pricing structure for Okta vs Azure?  I know Azure is per user per month or year.
What about Okta?  Is it more expensive?  
Wonder if anyone did apple to apple price comparisons.
Application support and provisioning is questionable.  Eventho Okta saying they have 5000 built-in integrations.  Not sure about that.
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OKTA and Azure offer many products, what are you trying to price/feature evaluate.
Some items seem rather expensive but may not be considering the # of users price per month


Thanks David.  My other question maybe a bit loaded.
What is it Okta can do that Azure can't?  SSO/MFA, SSPR, provisioning, reliability?
Maybe number of apps (questionable).  
So, if you have Azure already, would you use Okta in addition to that?

Thanks in advance!
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which okta product they have many products?

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