How to market a technology services company in the UK and US markets? Marketing question (which classifieds, or what marketing processes)

I have a relatively new company in the UK and it's a technology business that offers custom software services, big data services, and analytics services. I am quite new to marketing. Where should I add the company to make it connected with the UK and US markets?

The answer may include any classifieds or other places where to add the company. It may also be any process (for example LinkedIn prospecting) to reach out to individual companies.
Jack McKenzieChief Executive Officer
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David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
You can go through normal advertising channels + you'll spend a good chunk of money + compete with everyone else using the same channels.


You can speak at Meetup groups + conferences + expos + cowork offices about your technology.

Tip: You'll end up with far higher quality contacts giving talks, then most marketing channels.

If you've never thought about this type of marketing, search Meetup for groups where you might speak in your local area, join the groups, attend some meetups, get to know the members + organizers.

Take it from there.

You can also look at past speakers + contact them + ask them how they use Meetup Speaking to boost their income.
Jack McKenzieChief Executive Officer Commented:
Networking is a good idea, however there is no company I have ever heard of that does only networking and gets all their customers from there.

I require predictable, consistent results to fill the pipeline. Networking is one of the activities that I already do, and it is a good strategy, however more is required to also do the rest of marketing (what everybody else does) and to compete on the same channels.
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